Q: What is the age limit for your events?

A: For our half marathons you must be 17 years old on race day. For our other events, you must be at least 18 years old on race day..

Q: What do you supply at the checkpoints?

A: Checkpoints will have water, sweets, fruit and coke.

Q: The forecast says it won’t rain, do I still need my mandatory kit?

A: Yes! The weather forecast is always changing and this is Winter; don’t risk your race, bring the kit with you.

Q: Will I get a medal at the finish?

A: Yes, all finishers will receive a medal and a big congratulations upon finishing.

Q: Can I run with my dog?

A: We love dogs but unfortunately TRA (and therefore UK Athletics) rules do not allow you to run with dogs. Please leave them at home.

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