NDW 153

Date May 23, 2020
Price £165
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Age Limits 20 years old
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Event Start HQ: Wye Village Hall, Bridge St, Wye, TN25 5EA

Event Finish HQ: 40 Degreez Centre, Dogflud way, Farnham, GU9 7UD

Registration: Opens 7am 

Race start: 9.30am

Time limit: 48hrs

Distance: 153 miles*

This race is one for the ultra fans and is a complete point to point of the North Downs Way. The NDW153 will be a single-stage non-stop race. The route will NOT be marked, competitors will be expected to be able to navigate it using a map and compass. The trail is also marked with the National Trail acorns and fingerposts. GPS devices will be encouraged. 

Runners will first leave Wye village hall and follow the trail West to the split point at Boughton Lees where they will then take the trail heading North and complete a clockwise loop all the way back to Wye village hall. From there they will head back to Bougton Lees before continuing West all the way to Farnham. *The official length of the North Downs Way is 153 miles but some people have measured it at 156, plus we have added approximately 2 miles to factor in Checkpoints. So you could be running anything up to 160 miles. No complaints please you have been warned.  We will endeavor to get a more accurate figure in the coming months. The route also has 15400ft of ascent so it’s not flat by any means. 

The trail is mixed-category in that it varies throughout its length from footpath (around 48 percent) status to bridleway, byway, and road. Some 19 percent of the Way follows roads, though 75 percent of those are minor lanes.

The trail heads through some of Kent and Surreys most glorious countryside of which a lot of it is considered an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You will run through the historic city of Canterbury before heading to Dover to take in the White Cliffs. You then return to Wye via the southern loop. The Westerly trail takes you through Maidstone, Rochester, Otford, Merstham, Dorking, Guildford and on to Farnham.  

We offer:

  • Personalised numbers
  • Trackers
  • Medical support
  • T-shirt on completion
  • Medal on completion
  • Fully stocked aid stations
  • Official NDW completion certificate
  • Male and Female winners prizes 


  • Near Dover. Mile 30. TBC.  Cold drinks and snacks
  • Wye Village Hall. Mile 56. Hot food, tea, coffee. 
  • Maidstone. Mile 80. TBC. Cold drinks and snacks.
  • Otford TBC. Mile 101. Hot food, hot drinks. 
  • Boxhill area. TBC. 135. Cold drinks and snacks.
  • Farnham. FINISH 40 Degreez Centre. Hot food and drinks. There are no showers at the finish. The finish is not huge so you can hang out there during the night if you finish in the small hours but try and pre arrange a hotel or pick up so we can accommodate all runners. There is a train station very close by. 

These checkpoints are on average 26 miles apart you must be able to carry enough supplies to get you to the next Checkpoint. There are shops on route you can use and crews will be allowed in designated areas (TBC).
Checkpoint locations will be updated in the coming months as they are arranged but please be aware locations could change slightly and cutoffs will be adjusted accordingly. 

Drop bags:
Your main bag will be transported from the start to the finish. No suitcases. Just a holdall.  Drop bags will be available at Wye and Otford. 

We are usually pretty flexible with cutoffs but given the length of the event and the safety of all those involved these will be strictly adhered to. If you look like you will not make a cutoff you could be picked up and removed from the course at any time. 

  • Dover. 30mile. 8hrs 
  • Wye. 56mile. 15.30hrs
  • Maidstone. 80miles. 23.30hrs
  • Otford. 101miles. 30hrs
  • Boxhill. 129miles. 39hrs. 
  • Farnham. 153miles 48hrs. 

Pacers:  No pacers. 

Refund Policy: 

  • 75% up to 16 weeks prior to race day (please contact support@racedirector.co.uk)
  • 50% up to 8 weeks prior to race day (please contact support@racedirector.co.uk)
  • 25% or defer up to 4 weeks prior to race day (canceling your entry @ racedirector.co.uk/admin/myentries automatically refunds you 25%)

Rules of entry. 
(1) All competitors must have completed a minimum of a 100k race in the last 2 years. Proof required. 
(2) Entrants must follow the NDW at all times. The route must be completed in its entirety. You may leave the route to go to a shop but you must return to the point you left it to continue. If you cut any corners a time penalty will be added at the discretion of the RD. The trackers will be watched at all times. Constant infringements will result in disqualification. 
(3) You must carry all mandatory kit at all times. No questions. You could be checked randomly on the course, at registration, and at the finish. 
(4) The RDs, Aid station captains and medics decision is final. If we decide you are out, you are out. 
(5) The death bus will travel around and collect up finished runners. This will not be a taxi service it will drive the route occasionally visiting train stations and eventually reaching the finish. You may even be dropped at a checkpoint and picked up again later. We will not have the capacity to run people everywhere. You need to be aware of this before entering. 
(6) If you drop you need to drop at an aid station. If you drop on route you must get a lift to the next CP to hand in your tracker and number. You must not just go home without letting anyone know. 
(7) You must not enter any vehicle at any time unless you are out of the race. This is an instant disqualification. You cannot even sit in your crew’s car for a nap. Get them to take a chair so you can sleep in the chair should you wish. 
(8) The cutoff is the time the race closes at any given Checkpoint. You will be warned 5 minutes before the aid station closes if you do not leave before it closes you are out. 
(9) If you are unhappy with or unable to comply with rules 1 to 8 please do not enter 😉
Any details missing will be covered in the final details email that you will receive 3 weeks prior to race day. 

Mandatory Kit Waterproof Coat with taped seams.
Headtorch with spare batteries
A space blanket
The capacity to carry 1litre of water
Route maps covering the section you are on. These must be waterproof or have a waterproof case(maps may be left in drop bags)
Mobile phone
A cup capable of taking hot drinks. Sea to Summit Xcup or solid mug. Soft Salomon type silicon cups are not good enough.
Checkpoint Name Distance from Start
Near Dover 30
Wye Village Hall 56
Maidstone 80
Otford TBC 101
Boxhill area 135
Farnham (Finish) 153